Saturday, March 28, 2015

Almost spring break!

This week we move ahead to the unit on adverbs in our Easy Grammar book.

HOMEWORK THIS WEEK: Complete through page 186 in EG. by Thursday. On each page, complete at least four items. Be sure to leave the book with me on Thursday or it will be considered late!

We will discuss A Wrinkle in Time on Monday, then watch the movie on Days 2 and 3. We'll focus on whether the visual interpretation matches what we, as readers, see in our own mind's eye. Additionally, you will receive the next novel, When You Reach Me, on Day 2. This novel alludes to A Wrinkle in Time, and is a perfect follow-up, although there are more books in the W-I-T series: Time Quintet

Plan on reading When You Reach Me while on Spring Break.  The pacing chart is available via the important links to the right. You should have completed reading of this book by 4/23.

Have fun at your year in Jerusalem!