Sunday, March 22, 2015

The week ahead...

This week you will be assessed on your understanding of adjectives and vocabulary/roots unit 11.  I provided you with a Unit Study Guide on Thursday in class. Look carefully at page 153, especially, to see if you are finding all words that are identified as adjectives. By Friday, complete your reading of A Wrinkle in Time. If you have NOT completed your Prayer Flag, please do so sometime this week. They will be hung on the field soon!

Mon./Day 1: Review of Adjectives Unit, diagramming adjectives, clarification of confusing words/roots from Unit 11
Tues. & Wed./Day 2: Adjectives Test, when completed, work on Persuasive Essay body paragraphs
Thurs./Day 3: Vocabulary/Roots Unit 11 Test
Fri./Day 4: Fragments, run-ons, splices - common errors in writing

Study for the two assessments.
Due on Friday - A Wrinkle in Time, Easy Grammar pages 219 - 222.
Due Monday 3/30 - Journal Entry #12 Please give this one significant thought before submitting.

Enjoy all the fabulous resources I posted about quantum mechanics!