Wednesday, September 16, 2015

By popular request...Edmodo Group

Students, last year I moderated (was in charge of) a grade-wide Edmodo group that students used to help each other stay on top of issues and assignments. Here are some examples of how the group was used:

  • to share what was missed in class when a student was out sick
  • to share Quizlet links/codes for vocab/roots units
  • to ask me questions outside of class time (even about other subjects!)
  • to have some fun, safe, casual on-line interactions such as sharing links, ideas for being successful in school, comments about sporting events (GO DAWGS! BOO TECH! I promise to have good sportsmanship.)
  • and more...
So, by popular demand, I have created a group that EVERYONE in 6th grade is welcome to join and contribute to. Please know that I, Mr. Frank, and Mr. Rothstein will keep an eye on this group. Be polite, be kind, be encouraging.

Here is the group code: syvkyq

I believe everyone should be familiar with Edmodo as your math teachers use it. See you on Edmodo!