Tuesday, September 15, 2015

L'shana tova u'metukah!

     We are in the midst of the Yamim Noraim. Trying to balance life as an American Jew is no easy task. We continue with school while simultaneously staying focused on these days of teshuvah, tefillah, and tzedakah. Use your planner/agenda/organizer to stay on top of your assignments in all classes. Your teachers will help you with daily schedules. Remember to BREATHE! (Enjoy apples dipped in delicious honey.) 

     In Language Arts this week we continue in our Easy Grammar unit, begin Unit 3 vocabulary and root words, embark on our first formal essay, and delve into the capitalization unit (yes there is one). Next week we will talk about literary elements in Watsons, enjoy special programming on 9/22, and will learn about a program called Webspiration Classroom. I will introduce "Bonus Points" - a variety of ways to boost your scores by using your brain!

9/16 "A" schedule: Grammar - prepositions continued, adverb or preposition?, object of the preposition, compounds
9/17 "A" schedule: Introduction to formal writing - first essay instructions, using Google Docs, annotation
9/18: Rules of capitalization 
9/21: Watsons lesson/reading dialect, literary elements, empathy, trauma and tragedy
9/22: Special programming, noon dismissal
9/24 "B" schedule: Webspiration Classroom
9/25: Review Sadlier-Oxford answers, prepositions review, D.O., diagramming

DUE 9/18: 3 sections of vocab, roots cards
DUE 9/25: WriteAbout post - student choice NOTE - minimum 8 sentences!
DUE 9/25: 3 additional sections of vocab

Long range planning: Watsons MUST be completed no later than 10/2.  Next V&R test is 9/30. Essay will be due 10/9.