Sunday, October 11, 2015

Finally, a regular week!

This week we will cover many different topics. The essay is due Monday by 4pm for Blocks 3, 4, 5. It is due Tuesday by 4pm for Block 7. That's because we could not access Google Docs on Friday.
By the way, Block 7, click for Patricia's website.

Because we are back to a block schedule (see my gif below) make sure you are looking at YOUR block days. If you need help with your Weebly, see me before school or during study hall.

Day 1        In blocks 3, 4, 5 we will continue with capitalization in Easy Grammar then review diagramming. You will return Watsons and receive The Giver. I will explain this week's journal writing assignment.

                  Block 7 will have the final in-class essay day, and I will explain the journal assignment.

Day 2        We will have practice with the Unit 1 - 3 vocabulary and root words as you prepare for your first cumulative test next week. The cumulative test is not the same as the unit tests. I will also review characterization (literary element).

Day 3        In Easy Grammar, we'll proceed with Direct Objects as well as diagramming. You will have class time to post your essay to your school blog and work on your reflective journal assignment. If you complete all of this, I will ask you to comment on another class's blog. (You'll learn more about this in class.) This is when Block 7 will catch up on Monday's lesson.

Day 4        This will be an experiential learning day related to our new novel, The Giver. You won't want to miss class today!


Begin reading The Giver. If you have read it before, or if you finish before other students, DO NOT give away the plot. Keep reading the book, even if you find it confusing, which you will. We will talk about why this is the case.

Study the vocabulary words and roots from Units 1-3. There is a review section in the Sadlier-Oxford book; you can use; you can use Quizlet and make your own games; you can use the Sadlier-Oxford online site.

I have moved the due date for the Journal Assignment to allow you time to complete your Social Studies Current Event. Journal Assignment (on Google Classroom) now due next Wednesday.

For those wondering, it will take me about a week or so to grade all essays. After that, you will have the opportunity to edit and turn in a second draft to raise your score. If you receive 75% or below, you are REQUIRED to edit and resubmit. If you scored 76% or above, editing is optional, but highly encouraged!
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What Mrs. Stein thinks about being on a block schedule again: