Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thinking of our friends in Charleston

This is the radar view of the rain you are either sleeping through or waiting to pass so you can go back to sleep. I am in the latter category. Anyway, as I saw that the coastal region of South Carolina is under several weather watches, I thought about how fortunate we were to be there before this hit. The area we were in - the marsh, the fun park, the shopping district, is under severe flood watches. My thoughts are with our friends Joyce, Riley, Terry, Anna (my kayak guide) and all those who live in and around Charleston. Here in Atlanta, we have hills for most of the rainwater to run down and away from homes and streets. Now think about Charleston which was flat and right on the ocean. This much water has nowhere to go. It can't sink into the ground as quickly as it is falling.

I hope the Citadel freshmen (the knobs) don't get sick walking through all the water. I wonder if they are allowed to walk on the sidewalk in this weather. I hope the marine life in the marsh isn't negatively impacted by so much freshwater. Remember, the marsh is a mix of salt water and fresh water. At high tide today, I bet the creek we were on will be significantly higher. I'm wondering how many hurricanes the Angel Oak has lived through.

Anyway, a little prayer for those folks and their homes can't hurt. Isn't it interesting how personal connections change the way we think about life? If I had never been to Charleston to meet these people and see these places, I wouldn't be thinking about them. How about you?

It appears the Winnie-the-Pooh's evil twin cousin has made his way to Charleston's beaches. Remember how I said rip tides are dangerous? Read this weather warning for Charleston from today: