Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week of November 2 - 6

We have had a challenging time with our schedule. As a result, I have moved The Giver Test (over literary elements/analysis) to November 11 and 12. Your Tellus Essay is due online to me and Mrs. Healan by the end of the school day on your day 2. BLOCK 5 ONLY has until Thursday (their day 3).

Monday, November 2: Work on your Tellus Essay in class

Day 2: Work on your Tellus Essay in class, when completed, work on Literary Analysis packet
The answers to the Unit 4 vocabulary workbook exercises will be available for you to check in class.

Day 3: Mechanics pre-assessment (this will not count as a grade), we will work on the Literary Analysis packet together, clarify any vocabulary or root words as needed

Day 4: Field Trip to the Alliance Theatre


Be working on finding the evidence for your Literary Analysis Packet.
Be learning and studying Unit 4 words and roots.
Due by the end of Friday (remember we will be out of the building): response to a student blog on - FIRST GO TO Google Classroom to read the assignment.