Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week of 11/9

I hope you enjoyed our day at the Alliance Theatre as much as I did! Although the play was the centerpiece of our day, hearing Reverend Durley speak was the highlight of mine. Mrs. Frank and I share "some branches of the family tree." She told a little bit about her uncle's store to which African Americans came to buy suits. She was talking about my "Cousin Joe I." I will look in my family photos to see if I can find a picture of him or of his store. In that day and age, it was unusual for African Americans to be allowed to shop where white people shopped. But our grandparents knew the meaning of B'tzelem Elohim.

This week, we finish our study of The Giver. Your next book will be in the mystery/suspense genre. You will choose from a list (look under "Important Links" for the link to the document on Google). I have some copies in the classroom, Mr. Williamson has some in the media center, but we don't have enough copies for everyone, so please plan on obtaining your own copy if you do not get one from school. I will draw names randomly for our classroom copies.

Day 1: Vocabulary Test, Unit 4 V&R - Socrative or paper.
Day 2: Irregular Verbs (EG 47-53)
Day 3: The Giver Test Open Note/Open Book You will not be permitted to access sites such as Spark Notes or LitCharts during the test. You are permitted to use any of your own notes.
Day 4: Davis Film Festival


Make sure you have completed the Literary Analysis packet to the best of your ability. Check with another student to see if you can share information, especially if you are not in the same block.

Check Google Classroom for any corrections you need to make before posting last week's blog comment.

NEW journal entry due Friday at 4pm. The assignment is now up on Google Classroom.

Begin learning Unit 5 vocabulary and root words. Test will be next week.