Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's an enigma to me!

UPDATE: Here is a link to some unsolved mysteries for those who are interested in that topic for your box project: Unsolved Mysteries

Murder mysteries are literary puzzles. The author gives the reader clues along the way to help identify who did what. In this unit, we look closely at clues and foreshadowing. You will not be writing an essay for this unit; rather you will be creating a box that explains elements of the book and a topic you will research.

You should be annotating (using sticky notes) for characterization, setting, clues and motif.

Continue learning Unit 5 words and roots as the vocab test is on Wednesday. This week we have a regular Monday, then two "A" days.

Monday: ALL trimester work is due by the end of the day. CHECK NETCLASSROOM FOR MISSING ASSIGNMENTS!!
I will explain the upcoming project, most of which will be completed in class, if you use your time effectively.
Student survey
Murder Files (No, I won't tell you what this is before class.)

Tuesday: Research your box topic.
Murder Files

Wednesday: Unit 5 vocabulary and roots test

Thursday/Friday: Parent Conferences and auditions (Break a leg, thespians!)

Homework: Think about and decide how you will cover/decorate your box.
STUDY vocabulary and root words for Unit 5. Remember, you have several resources other than Quizlet!