Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week of 1/11 - World Congress

This week we experience our World Congress simulation. This may take up day 1 and day 2, but I do not yet know whether we will need day 3. My current plan is to work on the verb unit in Grammar on day 3. Friday is the test on the Peak vocabulary words. Remember, no root words this week. Working on researching your facts for the essay and studying your vocabulary are your only homework this week.

You should have completed Peak by Tuesday. Sentences with the words from this unit are due on your day 2.

Day 1: World Congress simulation. I will return Peak vocabulary homework.
Day 2: World Congress simulation. Sentences using Peak vocabulary words are due. MLA FORMAT!
Day 3: We will either be finishing up the simulation or working on Easy Grammar in the verb unit.
Day 4: Peak vocabulary test


Due Day 2: Sentences using the vocabulary from Peak. Your sentence must contain enough context clues that I can tell you understand its meaning. Simply using the part of speech in the correct manner is not enough.

EXAMPLE: UNACCEPTABLE - The fish was elusive.
ACCEPTABLE - The fish was elusive, swimming between the underwater grass so that I could not catch it with a net.

Complete reading Peak.

Day 3: Study your vocabulary. Review the facts you have found so far in your research for your essay. You are aiming for two to three different facts (record where you found them!) for EACH supporting argument. You should have 6-8 facts in all. If you have time, continue researching.

The image below is from Everest Base Camp after last year's earthquake. Rescuers are moving the injured climbers to safety.
Source: @Shaw Media, Global News

An example of why climbing is so dangerous:

Photo: Team Singapore/Facebook