Friday, January 15, 2016

Tolerance and Equality - Week of 1/19

Enjoy your day as we observe the birth of a great leader in our nation's history. Remember that when we went to the Woodruff Arts Center, Reverend Durley said that Rev. M.L. King, Jr. never asked to lead. He was placed in that position by his colleagues. He accepted the responsibility of leadership and set an example for millions of people. His wife, the late Coretta Scott King, was a leader as well for the women of that era and later. The conflict surrounding the fight for Civil Rights can be traced to the desire for power.

NOTE: If you were absent on Friday, 1/15, and did not make prior arrangements with me, plan on taking your vocabulary test over the weekend on Socrative (7901110) or Tuesday/Wednesday before school. You will need to arrive at 7:15. You will not be able to take this test in Study Hall.

Our schedule will not change despite being off Monday.

Tuesday (Blocks 3, 4, 5): Instruction on using direct quotes vs. paraphrasing in your essay. Reminder about using parenthetical citation. You will have 30 minutes to work on your essay.
I will provide instructions for the homework, which is to write a formed poem that ties together Peak, MLK, Jr., and the concept of power. This poem will be due on Friday.

Wednesday (Block 7 see above) (Block 3): Review of how to write the introductory and concluding paragraphs. Work on your essay.

Thursday (Blocks 4, 5, 7) : See Wednesday

Friday: Instruction on the elements of a plot, creating a plot chart. If time permits, work on essay.
Poem is due today (TYPED PLEASE!)