Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week of 1/25 - End of our Peak Unit

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Tech Fair on Sunday! We had many winners in a variety of categories. This week we conclude our study of Peak with a take-home assessment. The persuasive essay is due on Friday on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Make sure, if you have written your essay on any other account, that you copy it into a document after you have signed in to your Google Classroom account. Please DO NOT share a document with me via email. Use Google Classroom. Thank you for carefully following this instruction.

Monday (Day 1): Brief review of constructing a bibliography, Peak test will be handed out, suggestions for proofreading strategies.

Day 2: Work on your essay or on your Peak test.

Day 3: Work on your essay or on your Peak test. Test is due by 3:30.

Day 4: We begin a new unit with a short story. We will complete an activity related to the short story.
The essay is due today. You will NOT have class time today to complete it.


This week's homework is solely to complete the essay and Peak test. The Peak test is open note, open book, but NOT open-people. You must complete the assessment on your own, but may use any personal resources you have received in class. If you simply "Google" answers, you will learn have learned nothing, which will hurt you in the long run, I assure you.