Friday, January 29, 2016

Though the Tunnel

STUDENTS - too many of you did not turn in pre-writing with your essay. I am adding this as a part of the grade for this assignment. Print your prewriting and turn it in by Friday, or I will deduct 10 points from your score. I DO have prewriting from the following students:
Danny, Sydney, Maya, Daniel R., Evan, Noah, Sam D., Josh F., Kady, Margo, Ezra, Amit, Ellie, Alon, Matthew S., Matthew M., Matthew R., Alexa W.

We began our integrated unit with the P.E. obstacle course, experiencing a variety of physical challenges. We continue this unit all week, exploring the themes and ideas in this coming-of-age short story. I will get your Peak tests and Persuasive Essays back to you as quickly as I can. Please know that I want to take time evaluating your work so you receive the most effective feedback.

Monday: Complete the tunnel activity and the reflection sheet. Begin discussion of the elements of literature as applied to a short story.
Day 2: Symbolism, plot structure
Day 3: Types of tunnels, descriptive writing
Day 4: Complete descriptive writing activity, overcoming fears and challenges

Homework: Begin learning Unit 7 in the Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary book and roots list. The test on this unit will be Feb. 17/18.

I recently saw this fabulous sketch-note video. It explains in more detail how some of our words got so wacky.