Sunday, February 7, 2016

New novel unit and grammar, grammar, grammar!

No, I did not watch the Super Bowl. I was grading essays so I could get them back to you more quickly. In fact, I will give them back in class Monday. Those of you scoring below 75% may revise your essays and resubmit them for up to 75%. These will be due to me THURSDAY as we are not in school on Friday or Monday. If I do not have your revision by the end of Thursday, your grade remains as is.

The unit of novels we will begin are all in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. They all have common themes which we will discuss in class. We will progress in our grammar studies and continue with unit 7 vocabulary and root words. The test over this unit will be 2/17 or 2/18 depending on your block.

Monday: Receive your essay. Novels will be distributed. We will hear some of the descriptive paragraphs today and some on Day 2. Grammar instruction on linking verbs and subject-verb agreement.

Day 2: Finish descriptive paragraph presentations. Continue in the verb unit with subject complements and diagramming.

Day 3: Review of direct and indirect objects, subject-verb agreement continued.

No class on Friday or Monday.


Monday: Explore Telescopic Text HERE
Find the weakest sentence in your essay. Rewrite it as a stronger sentence. Submit BOTH to Mrs. Stein. (Feel free to type these and submit on a Google Doc.)

Resubmissions of your essay are due the end of the day THURSDAY. No exceptions.
2/9 - 2/15 be studying your vocabulary and root words as well as reading your novel. Aim for 10-15 pages per night.