Friday, August 19, 2016

Week of 8/22/2016

Thank you for an absolutely incredible first week! I can already tell this will be a fabulous year. We will continue this week developing the first essay, working on Membean, and beginning grammar studies. I will explain Classcraft and Google Classroom. You should be reading Watsons go to Birmingham, at least ten pages each night.

Day 1 Google Classroom, how to annotate your book, continue working on evidence if time permits
Day 2 Palacio's message, empathy vs. sympathy, work on evidence
Day 3 Classcraft, paragraph development
Day 4 Membean assessment, grammar - parts of speech activity


Continue reading Watsons, annotate as you read
Continue with Membean, 15 minutes per session, 45 minutes by Sunday evening
Complete journal entry assignment on Google Classroom by Friday, 5pm.

You might enjoy this video of the author. We will not be watching the movie in class.