Friday, August 26, 2016

Week of 8/29

This week we finish up with the parts of speech scavenger hunt and move to understanding the functions/jobs of those words in a sentence. Additionally, we will cover important instruction for the compare/contrast essay. You will begin composing the essay in class. You do not need to be finished with Watsons to write the paragraph we will be working on. I will also explain many of the cultural references that appear in the book. Finally, I will be explaining how to use school email and check NetClassroom for those of you who need this information.

UPDATE!!! Membean assessment #2 has been moved to Day 2 of next week. That's Sep. 6 for blocks 3,4,5 and Sep. 7 for block 6.

Day 1: Instruction on the essay - funnel style introductory paragraph
Day 2: Complete scavenger hunt, create collage of the sentence you have composed, Watsons cultural references, work on essay intro paragraph
Day 3: Review parts of speech, turning your t-chart into a paragraph
Day 4: Finish collage and upload as needed, using school email and NetClassroom

Continue using Membean - 15 minutes 3X before Sunday evening.
Read Watsons according to the pacing chart, annotate for character development and anything you do not understand/needing clarification
Watsons tweets: I will explain this in class. Due by Friday.
No journal entry this week.

Here is the video we watched in class. Be on the lookout for those extraordinary acts of kindness!