Monday, September 5, 2016

Week of 9/6

For those of you traveling over the long weekend, I hope you have a wonderful trip! Enjoy Monday's holiday.

This week we continue with body paragraphs using your t-chart/annotations, we continue building the grammar/writing notebook with categories of nouns and understanding the functions of a noun (parts of a sentence). On Friday, you will have a visit from our phenomenal media center staff who will help you set up your digital portfolio. You will learn all about it on Friday.


Monday: No school
Day 2: Membean Assessment, annotation check (bring your Watsons book!), essay body paragraphs
Day 3: Grammar - noun categories, functions, difference between parts of speech --> parts of a sentence
Day 4: Digital Portfolios


Continue with Membean 45 minutes by Sunday evening.
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Make sure you have everything you need for our upcoming trip to Charleston! It is a FABULOUS trip!