Friday, September 16, 2016

Back in the ATL

Wow! I don't know about you, but I had a fantastic time even in the rain! I had a fantastic time despite the mosquitoes! I had a fantastic time...period. You were such an open-minded, easy-going group of students to share my time with. THANK YOU!!! To those of you who encouraged me on the ropes course, thank YOU! I can't wait to do that again! Special thanks to my incredible co-kayaker Seth. We are ready for the Olympics! Thank you to the recipients of my Good-night Fairy-ing, and thank you to the group who shared my love of Kubo.

What a phenomenal trip. So now, let's take the time to process what we did and how it impacted us. You will have a longer journal entry due Friday. You will have a good amount of class time to finish your essay and work on your journal entry. If you have not yet finished Watsons, get a move on. We will discuss the ending in class. Get some good rest, eat healthy food, and I will see you Monday!

Day 1: Explanation of this week's journal entry. Remaining time is working time for the essay. If you are finished, I hope to be able to review your essay and offer feedback in class.
Day 2: Understanding what happens to the characters at the end of Watsons. Working time for the essay/journal entry.
Day 3: Place the MLA format page in your G&W notebook. For those blocks who did not get to all parts of the noun work, we will complete it. Any remaining time should be used to work on your writing assignments.
Day 4: Independent working time. If essay and journal entry are completed, Tweet as a Watsons character. Instructions are on the "Watsons Tweet" tab on the top of the blog. If you still have time, read Out of My Mind. (Note: Our new novel will be distributed 9/30)

- Membean is once again 15 minutes 3 times before Sunday (or 45 minutes by Sunday in small chunks)
- Work on your journal entry #3, due Friday.
- If you are "behind" on your Watsons essay, work on it at home as well as in class.