Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week of 9/26

I will be reading and grading the Watsons Essays all week. It takes a while for me to do a thorough and fair job of evaluating them. Please be patient. This week we focus on grammar, specifically nouns. On Friday is a unit test on this topic. I will give you a study guide in class on Monday.

MEMBEAN test on Monday
NOUN UNIT test on Friday

You will receive the next class novel, The Giver, on Friday. If you are reading Out of my Mind, keep it, and read it as you have time.


Day 1: Membean assessment, rules for plurals (bring your grammar/writing notebook), receive study guide
Day 2: Functions of a noun, predicate nominatives, diagramming review
Day 3: Review for noun test
Day 4: Noun Unit Test, receive The Giver

HEY ALL YOU BOOK LOVERS! Ms. Garrison is hosting a book club during lunch this week! Flyers are hanging throughout the building for more information.

Your portfolio (Weebly site) and your About Me page are due at the end of the week. If you have questions, ASK!


- 45 minutes of Membean 3X15 by Sunday evening
- use your study guide to make sure you understand the noun unit grammar concepts
- rewrite your descriptive paragraph from Journal entry #3, due Friday as an assignment on Google Classroom