Friday, October 28, 2016

Week of 10/31

This week we complete our study of The Giver. The test is on Day 3. Make sure you have the notes you will need for the test. Don't forget you can use the chart we filled out in class, which is on the tab above. Friday is Grandparents and Special Friends Day. We will have special programming, but you will still have your classes.

Day 1: Membean Test
You will choose a piece of writing to upload to your Weebly portfolio. Upload your edited version today. Before you do this, examine the questions in Journal #6, in which you will reflect upon what you have learned thus far. The journal entry, in which you answer the reflective questions, is due on Friday.

Day 2: Final discussion over The Giver. You can ask any clarifying questions needed to complete your notes.

Day 3: The Giver Test
Bring your notes AND the novel. DO NOT take out your annotations when you give me your book.

Day 4: Slightly modified schedule. Regular uniforms.
In class we will be working on diagramming modifiers.

You will receive information about the next novel we are reading on Monday, Oct.31, but will need to get your own copy of the book. If you would like a book to read in the meantime, I HIGHLY recommend Among the Hidden. Let me know if you wish to borrow a copy.