Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of October 24

I know that many of you are focused on basketball tryouts, but please remember to concentrate on schoolwork and homework as well. Learning to balance all your activities is what middle school is about. Good luck, athletes!

This week we complete our pronoun unit and cover the last element of literature for this novel. Please note the following important dates:

Friday, October 28 Pronoun Unit Test/Complete reading The Giver
Monday, October 31 Membean Assessment
Wed/Thurs Nov. 2/3 The Giver Test (I will tell you more about this in class. It is open note/open book.)

If you have finished the novel and are interested in reading another amazing dystopian novel, I will provide you with a copy of Among the Hidden. It is the first in a series, well worth your time to read.

Monday would normally be our Day 1.
Day 2: To complete our Pronoun Unit, I will introduce "case" and how to handle agreement with or/nor, which is NOT the same as and.

Day 3: We will look at the element of motif, completing the items for this unit on your Elements of Lit chart.
Additionally, we will discuss several important euphemisms and will review evidence/annotations.
Please bring your copy of The Giver to class.

Day 4: Pronoun Unit Test