Friday, October 14, 2016

Grammar and literature continued

We continue in our unit on pronouns, focusing on whether a word is serving as a pronoun or adjective, pronoun-antecedent agreement, diagramming, and understanding theme, symbolism, and motif in literature.

Monday - enjoy your Sukkot holiday! Sleep under the stars, if you can.
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday are regular block days.

Day 2 - Continuing work on pronouns, diagramming practice
Day 3 - BRING YOUR COPY of The Giver. Lit elements of theme and symbolism. I will return and go over the noun test.

Friday - modified "B" schedule, Simchat Torah at the lower school, wear teal and navy
Membean Test then lit element of motif

On Tuesday morning before school, I will have an open diagramming tutorial. Anyone may come.
On Wednesday morning before school, I will have an open Membean/vocab tutorial. Anyone may come.

Looking ahead --- Pronoun Unit Test on Oct. 28
Next Membean Assessment on Oct. 31
Short Answer Test over The Giver Nov. 2/3 (Day 3 blocks)