Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weeks of Swiss Cheese

I love this expression for this time of year - we have holy "days of holes" for those of you who understand the humor. We will do our best to divide our attention between G-d's expectations for us within these Days of Awe and the continuing focus on the work of learning.

This is the calendar for this week AND next week.

Wednesday 10-5 "A" Day
- Evidence for setting, what to annotate as you read
- You will receive two important documents: Types of evidence in The Giver & Literary Elements Chart
- I hope to have time to return your papers/tests. Grades are already on NetClassroom.

Thursday 10-6 "A" Day
- Membean Test
- Categories of pronouns - you will need your G/W workbook today

Friday 10-7
- Three activities related to The Giver

Monday 10-10
- What is a euphemism?
- Diagramming interjections

Tuesday 10-11
- Special half-day programming: Davis Film Festival (you won't want to miss it)

Thursday 10-13 "B" day 10:00 start
- Indefinite pronouns
- Subject/verb agreement as it relates to indefinite pronouns

Friday 10-14
- Continued work with pronouns, agreement, antecedents

Keep reading The Giver!
Journal Entry #5 on Google Classroom due on 10-14
The next Membean test will not be until 10-21

NOTE: There will be a short answer test on the novel. You will not be writing an essay. I do not yet know when the test will occur.