Monday, November 28, 2016

Week of 11/28

I hope you enjoyed your time off! We are "project based" for the next few weeks. You will be working on your newspaper article, a project for the mystery/suspense novel, and finishing the adj/adv unit. The adj/adv unit test will be December 13/14 (your day 2).

UPDATE: Because of the interruption due to the weather, there will be no Membean assessment this week. (I can hear cheering.)Continue working on expanding your vocabulary, please.


Day 1: Double negatives, Countables/non-countables with degrees, by-lines
Day 2: Introduction to the Mystery Box project, punctuating dialogue
Day 3: Review adj/adv concepts, subject complements
Day 4: Receive study guide for adv/adj unit test, review

Membean 45 min due Sunday evening.

The newspaper article is instead of the journal entries for this week and next week. Work on your newspaper article on Google Classroom; first draft is due 12/9.

Read mystery novel, due Dec. 5.

Review the adj/adv concepts to identify where you might need clarification or practice.