Monday, January 16, 2017

Beginning our ascent

IN GRAMMAR: We will continue in our verb unit studying the many irregular verbs.
VOCAB: You have a Membean assessment on our normal Day 3 (Wednesday/Thursday).
LITERARY ELEMENTS: We will begin our study of types of conflict. All well-written novels have multiple types of conflict in the plot.
PEAK: I will explain about acclimatization. It will answer the question, "Why do they have to keep going up and down the mountain instead of just climbing up?"

Tuesday/Wednesday: Intro to irregular verbs, acclimatization, inverted sentences agreement practice
Wednesday/Thursday: Membean assessment, types of conflict
Friday: Irregular verbs practice


- You will receive a chart of irregular verbs. Work on filling this in a little each day. DUE 1/24
Here are the verb forms: IRREGULAR VERBS
- Continue reading PEAK
- Membean 45 minutes by Sunday evening
- Journal #10 NOTE: this may be turned in online OR in person

Here are the resources I showed in class: acclimatizing Short climbing video