Sunday, February 12, 2017


This week we will complete the Verb Unit as well as the first draft of the essay. No journal entry again; focus on the essay. Continue with Membean - test next week. Return Peak. The Peak Test will not be returned until all students have taken it.

Day 1: Review for the verb unit test. HA!HA! Just kidding!! Enjoy your day off. I am! If you are hanging out with "nothing to do," PLEASE spend some time on your essay. I have left comments on all essay drafts. Additionally, you can review for the verb test by using these activities:
Jeopardy Game (it has some banned words - I didn't create it)
Irregular verb wheel
Subject Complements/Objects Game

TUESDAY: Please continue working on your essay. Here is a link to the information I had planned to share on the introductory and concluding paragraphs. INTRO/CONCL

WEDNESDAY: "A" Schedule - Verb Unit Review
THURSDAY: "A" Schedule - Verb Unit Test

No class on Friday or next Monday. We will all enjoy the long weekend coming up!

Pushing everything back two days means the essay will be due 2/22 and the Membean Test will be on 2/24.