Monday, February 20, 2017

Organizing among chaos

For those who were concerned, I rescued the plant from the classroom Friday afternoon. It was getting blasted with the monster blow dryers. I am extending the essay due date one additional day to give us time in class on the introduction and conclusion. The essay will be due, FIRMLY, on Thursday by the end of the school day. You will have our regular Day 2 and Day 3 to work on the essay in class. On Friday will be a Membean Test, then I will hand back the Peak Test and Verb Unit Test, assuming all students who missed either one have taken them.

I will hopefully distribute the next novel sometime this week. You will choose a science-fiction or fantasy novel from the ones I will have available to you. I can't distribute these until the elevator has been repaired, so the date is currently unknown.

Remember that we now meet in the Mac Lab for class. Bring your computer, if you wish. We will have the classroom computers available.

NOTE: Unable to document original artist.