Friday, March 24, 2017

Second Star to the Right!

Break a leg, Thespians! I wish you all a FABULOUS show. Get lots of rest!! This week we will finish up our last grammar unit. Because the test will not happen until April 21, you will have plenty of time to review and get extra help if you are still confused. You should finish your novel this week. You will work on a project based on the novel in class NEXT WEEK.

Monday Day 1: types of phrases (sheet in G/W workbook), pages 2 and 3 of the packet
I will introduce a joint LA/Jewish Studies project on Monday which will be due April 24.

Day 2: appositives, clauses
You will meet with Lit Circles again to work on creating a plot structure chart for your book as well as identifying the settings.

Day 3: Independently, work on pages 6-9 in the packet. On page 10, practice diagramming some of the sentences from page 9. Answers will be available for you to self-check.

Day 4: Membean Test. I will introduce a literary concept called The Hero's Journey.