Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thumbs up on that!

Well, the Native American cultures study integrated unit is a wrap. Based on your feedback, it most definitely achieved the teachers' goal of helping you to see that everything and everyone is connected in some way. For those of you whose interest was sparked in archeology, architecture, art, or music -- keep learning! The web makes it easy to investigate on your own. Instead of going for higher scores on, go exploring here.

We have a shortened week due to parent-teacher conferences.
Monday = regular schedule: continuing our work on phrases and clauses
Tuesday = "A" day: continued work on phrases and clauses, Block 5 will have Lit Circles
Wednesday = "A" day: notebook clean out, formal vs. casual writing

Monday and Tuesday we will continue with grammar, focusing on types of phrases and clauses. On Wednesday, we will have a notebook clean-out. I will help you determine what to keep for finals.

Looking out a bit farther on the calendar, CTP IV testing will be 4/3 - 4/6. We will have a "B" schedule those days.

1) You have another journal entry due Friday. See Google Classroom for the prompt.
2) Continue expanding your vocabulary on Membean. The next test will be 3/31.
3) Your novel is due 3/31. You will have a project due 4/7, which we will work on partly in class the week of 4/3.

Finally, if you haven't recently checked in on the eaglets, you won't believe how quickly they have grown. The older chick is stretching his/her wings and moving about on those prominent claws. Check out this screen shot of the dad on "guard duty". He has brought back fish for the family to eat. Mom is still tearing bits of meat and handing it to the chicks. Eventually, they will begin pulling the meat themselves.