Friday, January 30, 2015

Week of 2/2

This week will be divided between all-class instructional time and independent working time. We will continue in the noun unit, finalize the business letters (and print), learn about plot structure. I will introduce new information about expository writing on Friday. Your vocabulary this week is from the novel. There are no new root words, as several of the Peak words contain roots you have already learned. The repetition will help you understand how to use these roots to decipher new words.

For those who prefer long-range planning, I anticipate the Noun Unit Test AND the Peak Vocab Test (which will be online via Socrative) to occur the week of 2/9.

IMPORTANT!!!! Remember that all recovery work is due by Friday! 

Monday, Feb. 2 (Day 1) : Group instruction on plot structure, independent working time for business letters, completing the poem from Friday, working on vocabulary, and the Weebly Blog Post.

Tuesday/Wednesday Feb. 3/4 (Day 2): Independent working time, Guided instruction for those who need review from the verb unit.

  • E.G. PAGES - 117-119 items #10-15 each page 
  • 121-126 items #7-10 each page
  • 128, 129 Optional

Thursday, Feb. 5 (Day 3) : Group instruction on Indirect Objects, Turn in Peak vocabulary homework

Friday, Feb. 6 (Day 4) : Group instruction - Persuasive/Argumentative Essay Introduction


Due on Thursday:  Peak vocabulary (definitions and parts of speech HANDWRITTEN)
Due on Friday:       Business Letters following second revision edits completed
                                Easy Grammar pages
                                Weebly Blog Post

POST UPDATE: Here is the Folded Story, which has been edited. Enjoy! Click HERE.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Business and Thank you letters

Students, if you cannot see my comments, click on "COMMENTS" in the upper right portion of the screen. After you correct any requested errors/modifications, you can click "resolved."

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Courtesy Little Shop of Stories in Decatur
"Tuesday, February 3rd @ 7 p.m.: Sharon Draper has been both an educator — for which she was honored as National Teacher of the Year — and an author. Her books have spent considerable time as New York Times bestsellers and have received numerous awards, including five Coretta Scott King Literary Awards. Her many great books include Tears of a Tiger, Copper Sun, Out of My Mind, and Panic. Her newest book is Stella by Starlight, set in 1930s North Carolina. The titular heroine must deal with the Klan’s local resurgence and its impact on her close-knit African American community. As in all her books, Sharon displays her terrific storytelling skills.
P.S. Sharon served as the chair of the 2014 National Book Award committee in the Young People's Literature category. Dave had the honor of working under Sharon on that panel and is thrilled to have her visit Little Shop for the first time."

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Week of 1/26-1/30

It is time once again to hear your suggestions for journal topics. Follow this link: Journals I will have the Folded Story for you when Ms. Brelloch's class is finished adding their folds.

We have a REGULAR schedule this week as we continue reading Peak, move forward in the noun unit, and make connections between types of mountains. Scroll down for homework.

Monday 1/ 26 (Day 1) We will have a guidance lesson during Language Arts that is related to how we communicate with one another.

Tuesday/Wednesday 1/27, 1/28 (Day 2) NOUNS!

Thursday 1/29 (Day 3) Cumulative Test on V&R Units 7, 8, 9
Friday 1/30 (Day 4) What do Dr. King, Peak and Mt. Sinai have in common?


  • Be studying for Thursday's test on vocabulary and roots.
  • Complete any final edits to your letters BY Thursday, end of day, including modification of margins which I will explain in class on Day 2,.
  • All recovery assignments are due NO LATER THAN Feb. 6. Check notes on your NetClassroom assignments to see if you have recovery available. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Legacy of Dr. King

We take a day to acknowledge the power of a great leader. I hope you have a different perspective on the purpose for this holiday, after having experienced the Red Card/Blue Card lesson earlier this year. We will connect Dr. King to Peak next Monday. You will see the links to the various sites I shared with you are now located on the right side of the blog.

This week you will demonstrate your understanding of the verb unit. Blocks 4, 5 take the test on Tuesday, while 6, 7 take it on Wednesday. When you complete the test in class, use any remaining time to revise your business letters based on my feedback on Google docs.

On Thursday, if you scored below a 75% on the Punctuation/Capitalization test, you are required to participate in a review lesson which will then permit you to take a recovery assessment. If you scored above 75% but need additional clarification on specific rules, I am happy to provide that guidance on Thursday as well. Finally, please use Noredink on Edmodo (it is an app - see image below), as well as IXL (I will provide username/PW info in class), and the Punctuation Practice link I added at the top of the blog to help you with pesky rules of mechanics. I have not yet found a way to make mechanics "easier" to learn. These small symbols have important meaning in the way we communicate. Learn to use them correctly.

On Friday, we begin the Noun unit and review the types of conflict.

Edmodo Journal Entry #10 (The folded story) is due by Friday. This story has taken so many twists and turns; it is fascinating! It will be fun for you to read when it is done.
Make sure you are reviewing units 7-8-9 for the cumulative test which will occur next week, no later than Thursday 1/29. Second draft of your business letters will be due Friday evening before Shabbat.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Yet another way to waste your precious time learning. From my favorite educator:

Many students wanted to watch the short video again. Here you go! Click the link.

Because of the heavy workload you have, I am moving the letters deadline to Sunday. If you have already submitted your letters, great! I have already begun reviewing them. (NOTE: have begun, not have began)

Also, school has been a bit wacky all the way around this week. I went to see if we are under a full moon, but we are not.

HOORAY! The sun has returned. Is there a blessing for seeing the sun? There should be!
For my advisory students, here is the video we did not get to watch:
Oliver Percovich

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of 1/12

This week we will review diagramming subject complements, the verb unit and complete the Mystery Box Project. I am looking forward to seeing the finished products! I will also want you to take photos of your box using either our school cameras or the classroom computers then load those photos onto your Weebly. You will also need to take the Unit 9 Test of vocabulary and roots by the end of Tuesday. Remember, you can access the test online or use the paper copy. We will discuss foreshadowing on Day 3, and I will introduce and distribute Peak on Day 4. Finally, I will provide instructions for writing two business letters, both of which will be turned in on Google Docs.

DAY 1: Group instruction - Diagramming subject complements (predicate nominatives/adjectives)
Independent working time

DAY 2: Group instructions - Writing a business letter
Independent working time

DAY 3: Distribution of study guide and review of verb unit in preparation for test
Group instruction - Foreshadowing
Independent working time

DAY 4: Group instruction - Introduction to Peak by Roland Smith
Mystery Box Due
Individual instruction for any verb unit questions


Edmodo Journal #9 due by the end of the day 1/12
Complete Unit 9 V&R test by the end of the day (7 pm) 1/13 if you are BLKS 4, 5 and 1/14 if you are BLKS 6, 7
Complete first draft of business letters (two letters) by 1/16 on Google Docs
Begin reviewing the verb unit, paying careful attention to any items missed in E.G. (test will be 1/20 and 1/21)
Begin reviewing Units 7-8-9 for Cumulative Test that will be due by 1/23

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome back! Week of 1/5/2015

It was so nice to see you and hear the happy sounds of friends getting caught up after winter break! This week we will have mostly independent working time. I will have a lesson on subject-verb agreement, and we will spend a little bit of time reviewing how to diagram subject complements. Please see the information that follows to help you plan your time in class and at home.

Mystery Box Project
You have received your instructions. Materials for decorating will be available in class beginning day 2. Feel free to bring in materials from home or to take your box and work on it at home if you prefer. I don't have an official due date yet, but am hoping for your day 2 of next week. If we need to extend the time to allow you to do an exceptional job, we'll figure that out together.

I hope to cover foreshadowing (literary element) by the end of the week, but we'll see! It may get pushed to next week.

Begin learning vocabulary and roots from Unit 9. I will answer any V&R related questions in class on day 3 of this week (1/8). You may take the test at your convenience - at home or at school, NO LATER THAN 1/14. We'll talk in class about the most effective way to access the test. Remember, honesty is key!

Journal Entry #9
This is posted on Edmodo. Due Monday 1/13 by the end of the day.

Easy Grammar
We proceed to subject-verb agreement. Work on pages 76-81, 5 per page and 82 - 87 all. 76-87 due Tuesday 1/13.

That's it for now! Enjoy working on the box project. Most students have a great time with this one! I can't wait to see what you decide to learn - I am hoping you teach me something new.