Friday, October 28, 2016

Week of 10/31

This week we complete our study of The Giver. The test is on Day 3. Make sure you have the notes you will need for the test. Don't forget you can use the chart we filled out in class, which is on the tab above. Friday is Grandparents and Special Friends Day. We will have special programming, but you will still have your classes.

Day 1: Membean Test
You will choose a piece of writing to upload to your Weebly portfolio. Upload your edited version today. Before you do this, examine the questions in Journal #6, in which you will reflect upon what you have learned thus far. The journal entry, in which you answer the reflective questions, is due on Friday.

Day 2: Final discussion over The Giver. You can ask any clarifying questions needed to complete your notes.

Day 3: The Giver Test
Bring your notes AND the novel. DO NOT take out your annotations when you give me your book.

Day 4: Slightly modified schedule. Regular uniforms.
In class we will be working on diagramming modifiers.

You will receive information about the next novel we are reading on Monday, Oct.31, but will need to get your own copy of the book. If you would like a book to read in the meantime, I HIGHLY recommend Among the Hidden. Let me know if you wish to borrow a copy.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of October 24

I know that many of you are focused on basketball tryouts, but please remember to concentrate on schoolwork and homework as well. Learning to balance all your activities is what middle school is about. Good luck, athletes!

This week we complete our pronoun unit and cover the last element of literature for this novel. Please note the following important dates:

Friday, October 28 Pronoun Unit Test/Complete reading The Giver
Monday, October 31 Membean Assessment
Wed/Thurs Nov. 2/3 The Giver Test (I will tell you more about this in class. It is open note/open book.)

If you have finished the novel and are interested in reading another amazing dystopian novel, I will provide you with a copy of Among the Hidden. It is the first in a series, well worth your time to read.

Monday would normally be our Day 1.
Day 2: To complete our Pronoun Unit, I will introduce "case" and how to handle agreement with or/nor, which is NOT the same as and.

Day 3: We will look at the element of motif, completing the items for this unit on your Elements of Lit chart.
Additionally, we will discuss several important euphemisms and will review evidence/annotations.
Please bring your copy of The Giver to class.

Day 4: Pronoun Unit Test

Friday, October 14, 2016

Grammar and literature continued

We continue in our unit on pronouns, focusing on whether a word is serving as a pronoun or adjective, pronoun-antecedent agreement, diagramming, and understanding theme, symbolism, and motif in literature.

Monday - enjoy your Sukkot holiday! Sleep under the stars, if you can.
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday are regular block days.

Day 2 - Continuing work on pronouns, diagramming practice
Day 3 - BRING YOUR COPY of The Giver. Lit elements of theme and symbolism. I will return and go over the noun test.

Friday - modified "B" schedule, Simchat Torah at the lower school, wear teal and navy
Membean Test then lit element of motif

On Tuesday morning before school, I will have an open diagramming tutorial. Anyone may come.
On Wednesday morning before school, I will have an open Membean/vocab tutorial. Anyone may come.

Looking ahead --- Pronoun Unit Test on Oct. 28
Next Membean Assessment on Oct. 31
Short Answer Test over The Giver Nov. 2/3 (Day 3 blocks)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weeks of Swiss Cheese

I love this expression for this time of year - we have holy "days of holes" for those of you who understand the humor. We will do our best to divide our attention between G-d's expectations for us within these Days of Awe and the continuing focus on the work of learning.

This is the calendar for this week AND next week.

Wednesday 10-5 "A" Day
- Evidence for setting, what to annotate as you read
- You will receive two important documents: Types of evidence in The Giver & Literary Elements Chart
- I hope to have time to return your papers/tests. Grades are already on NetClassroom.

Thursday 10-6 "A" Day
- Membean Test
- Categories of pronouns - you will need your G/W workbook today

Friday 10-7
- Three activities related to The Giver

Monday 10-10
- What is a euphemism?
- Diagramming interjections

Tuesday 10-11
- Special half-day programming: Davis Film Festival (you won't want to miss it)

Thursday 10-13 "B" day 10:00 start
- Indefinite pronouns
- Subject/verb agreement as it relates to indefinite pronouns

Friday 10-14
- Continued work with pronouns, agreement, antecedents

Keep reading The Giver!
Journal Entry #5 on Google Classroom due on 10-14
The next Membean test will not be until 10-21

NOTE: There will be a short answer test on the novel. You will not be writing an essay. I do not yet know when the test will occur.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

FYI, for those of you who joined the Kubo adventure in Charleston, I thought you might enjoy seeing this:

and this: (there is no sound until 12:35)

and THIS!!! You think your calendar is busy? Check THIS out!!