Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week of November 2 - 6

We have had a challenging time with our schedule. As a result, I have moved The Giver Test (over literary elements/analysis) to November 11 and 12. Your Tellus Essay is due online to me and Mrs. Healan by the end of the school day on your day 2. BLOCK 5 ONLY has until Thursday (their day 3).

Monday, November 2: Work on your Tellus Essay in class

Day 2: Work on your Tellus Essay in class, when completed, work on Literary Analysis packet
The answers to the Unit 4 vocabulary workbook exercises will be available for you to check in class.

Day 3: Mechanics pre-assessment (this will not count as a grade), we will work on the Literary Analysis packet together, clarify any vocabulary or root words as needed

Day 4: Field Trip to the Alliance Theatre


Be working on finding the evidence for your Literary Analysis Packet.
Be learning and studying Unit 4 words and roots.
Due by the end of Friday (remember we will be out of the building): response to a student blog on - FIRST GO TO Google Classroom to read the assignment.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Geode information and WEEBLY problems

Weebly knows about their issue. They are working on it. I was able to get on long enough this morning to read all your reflection pieces. Grades have been posted on NetClassroom.

Students who have selected geodes may have difficulty using EBSCO to find documentation. Here are a few teacher-approved sites you may use. Be sure to document where you have obtained your information as you will be including a bibliography.

Geodes 1

Geodes 2

Geodes 3

For those writing about volcanoes, I came across this: Magma

Friday, October 23, 2015

Week of 10/26

This week we continue with the process of writing the Tellus Expository Essay (remember: EX = OUT --> you are EXposing the facts), continue with literary analysis of The Giver including learning about symbolism, and begin the verb unit in our grammar studies. You should have completed the novel by Tuesday.


Day 1: Independent work on the essay and/or annotation. Decibelles will be out performing a HUGE mitzvah!
Day 2: Verb unit (pp. 35-44), introduction to symbolism, more practice with the T-chart
Day 3: Verb unit continued, descriptive writing, work on essay
Day 4: Citation using EasyBib, work on essay


Day 1: Read The Giver, Continue researching for your essay as needed
Day 2: Begin learning unit 4 vocabulary and root words

Day 3: Due on FRIDAY, 10/30: Make a comment on another class's blog: You must submit to me on Google Classroom FIRST! I will then return it to you so you can copy and paste into a blog.

Day 4: Continue learning the unit 4 words and roots (test 11/9)

For those interested, here is a link to the Flocabulary video about Point of View.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This week...

I'm sorry this week's post was not visible before today. This week I will introduce the Tellus Essay, the concept of Euphemism, and annotation. Your cumulative test over units 1-3 vocabulary and roots is on Day 3. On Friday we will review point of view and using search portals for the research portion of your essay.

Day 1: Tellus Museum Field Trip
Day 2: Tellus Essay, Euphemism, annotation
Day 3: Cumulative Vocab and Roots Test (work on your reflective journal when you are done)
Day 4: Point of view, finding facts for your essay and citations


Be reading The Giver according to the pacing chart.

Day 1: No homework
Day 2: Review units 1, 2, 3 vocabulary and roots. Work on your reflective journal, post to your Weebly blog page
Day 3: Reflective journal is due 10/22. If you need help with your Weebly, let me know.

If you plan to revise your Compare/Contrast Essay for a higher score, it is due to me by 10/30, along with the rubric.

The Tellus Essay is due November 3 via Google Classroom. Remember, you must turn in pre-writing on 11/3 as well!

Monday, October 12, 2015

FYI Edmodo

For those wanting to join the 6th grade group, here's the code: 2fhync

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Finally, a regular week!

This week we will cover many different topics. The essay is due Monday by 4pm for Blocks 3, 4, 5. It is due Tuesday by 4pm for Block 7. That's because we could not access Google Docs on Friday.
By the way, Block 7, click for Patricia's website.

Because we are back to a block schedule (see my gif below) make sure you are looking at YOUR block days. If you need help with your Weebly, see me before school or during study hall.

Day 1        In blocks 3, 4, 5 we will continue with capitalization in Easy Grammar then review diagramming. You will return Watsons and receive The Giver. I will explain this week's journal writing assignment.

                  Block 7 will have the final in-class essay day, and I will explain the journal assignment.

Day 2        We will have practice with the Unit 1 - 3 vocabulary and root words as you prepare for your first cumulative test next week. The cumulative test is not the same as the unit tests. I will also review characterization (literary element).

Day 3        In Easy Grammar, we'll proceed with Direct Objects as well as diagramming. You will have class time to post your essay to your school blog and work on your reflective journal assignment. If you complete all of this, I will ask you to comment on another class's blog. (You'll learn more about this in class.) This is when Block 7 will catch up on Monday's lesson.

Day 4        This will be an experiential learning day related to our new novel, The Giver. You won't want to miss class today!


Begin reading The Giver. If you have read it before, or if you finish before other students, DO NOT give away the plot. Keep reading the book, even if you find it confusing, which you will. We will talk about why this is the case.

Study the vocabulary words and roots from Units 1-3. There is a review section in the Sadlier-Oxford book; you can use; you can use Quizlet and make your own games; you can use the Sadlier-Oxford online site.

I have moved the due date for the Journal Assignment to allow you time to complete your Social Studies Current Event. Journal Assignment (on Google Classroom) now due next Wednesday.

For those wondering, it will take me about a week or so to grade all essays. After that, you will have the opportunity to edit and turn in a second draft to raise your score. If you receive 75% or below, you are REQUIRED to edit and resubmit. If you scored 76% or above, editing is optional, but highly encouraged!
Note: Here is a link to instructions for adding a photo to your blog.

Here is the link to your photos from Mr. Weismark's sukkah building activity:

What Mrs. Stein thinks about being on a block schedule again:


Friday, October 9, 2015

When tech doesn't cooperate...

Well, Block 7 had an adventure today. Here's why. CLICK HERE

This also means that, until Google fixes the problems with Docs, NO ONE will be able to complete any work on the essay. The only thing we can do about this is to enjoy the opportunity to do something else. What can you do?

  • Draw!
  • Play jacks
  • Read (anything at all!)
  • Surprise your mom/dad/grandma and clean your room and bathroom.
  • Learn something new.
  • Play with a deck of cards. (One of my favorite non-tech pastimes is making card houses.)
  • Make a card for a grandparent and send or deliver it.
  • Explore Wonderopolis
  • Put on some music and DANCE!
  • Put a trash can at least 5' from your bed and see how many 'baskets' you can make in a row.
  • Find an empty shoe box in your house and create a new game that uses the box.
  • Practice a musical instrument 
  • Make a Zentangle
  • Watch a video on how to draw letters graffiti style, then try it! Click here
  • and anything else your clever brain comes up with!
I would love to know how you spend that "pebble time." Shabbat Shalom

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Carpool Room Antics

Special thanks to Datya and Sophia, and to Matthew, of course, for letting me play Matthew Jenga.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Submitting your essay

I have so many eager beavers out there! I am extremely excited about reading your essays. You are working hard to do a great job on these. I know you are learning a lot about using evidence and providing an interesting sequence of thoughts. Several of you have asked how to submit your essay. You will not be "Sharing" with me on Google Docs. We are using Google Classroom. Please watch this video that explains how to submit the essay. I do not know if you can submit it more than once. So, I would recommend NOT submitting until you are completely done with this first essay. We'll find out together whether I have to create a second assignment for you to submit revisions.

Keep in mind that I have not yet discussed the concluding paragraph. I will be doing that on Thursday. On Wednesday, I will review the introductory paragraph one more time and will explain how to put the page numbers for evidence in your essay.

Thinking of our friends in Charleston

This is the radar view of the rain you are either sleeping through or waiting to pass so you can go back to sleep. I am in the latter category. Anyway, as I saw that the coastal region of South Carolina is under several weather watches, I thought about how fortunate we were to be there before this hit. The area we were in - the marsh, the fun park, the shopping district, is under severe flood watches. My thoughts are with our friends Joyce, Riley, Terry, Anna (my kayak guide) and all those who live in and around Charleston. Here in Atlanta, we have hills for most of the rainwater to run down and away from homes and streets. Now think about Charleston which was flat and right on the ocean. This much water has nowhere to go. It can't sink into the ground as quickly as it is falling.

I hope the Citadel freshmen (the knobs) don't get sick walking through all the water. I wonder if they are allowed to walk on the sidewalk in this weather. I hope the marine life in the marsh isn't negatively impacted by so much freshwater. Remember, the marsh is a mix of salt water and fresh water. At high tide today, I bet the creek we were on will be significantly higher. I'm wondering how many hurricanes the Angel Oak has lived through.

Anyway, a little prayer for those folks and their homes can't hurt. Isn't it interesting how personal connections change the way we think about life? If I had never been to Charleston to meet these people and see these places, I wouldn't be thinking about them. How about you?

It appears the Winnie-the-Pooh's evil twin cousin has made his way to Charleston's beaches. Remember how I said rip tides are dangerous? Read this weather warning for Charleston from today: